Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Great would you rather questions to ask children. You always have the option to ask “why?” after each answer you receive to get an insight into just what the youngster is thinking.

Can you rather eat sweet or chips?
Can you rather have chips or biscuits?
Could you rather eat pizza or hot dogs?
Can you rather only be able eat your favourite food again or never to eat your favorite food for the rest of your life?

Would you rather be a fireman or a police officer?
Could you rather be a garbage man or a physician?
Can you rather be a chef or waiter/server?
Can you rather be a janitor or a teacher?

Can you have smelly feet or bad breath?
Could you rather not have to shower or never must brush your teeth?
Can you rather eat a dead worm or a live bug?
Could you eat your boogers or rather lick your shoe?

Can you rather get good scores or be a superb athlete?
Would you have the remaining year off or go to school through the rest of the year and have summers off and rather visit the institution in the summertime?
Could you rather remain at your present age or be old, 10 years?
Could you preferably only have the ability to whisper or only have the ability to yell?
Would you rather be super strong or super quick?
Can you rather be really tall or extremely short?

Could you rather have the ability to be undetectable or to fly?
Would you rather consistently need to express everything that you’re planning or never talk again?
Can you rather help place the table before dinner or help clean up after dinner?
Can you stay up late or get up early?
Can you rather possess a pet dog or a pet cat?
Could you go to a doctor or rather proceed to the dentist?
Would you rather be outside all day or inside all day?

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